Our store is located at the middle of Kappa-bashi street and we are handling cooking utensils, kitchen related items and lacquer wares which widely range from professional use to general hobbies.


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February 1943 Taiyo Electric Heater Industry was founded in Mukoujima, Sumida City, Tokyo.
Started new bread oven production.
March 1947 New plant was founded in Nishi Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo (present logistic center)
October 1948 Changed Taiyo Electric Heater Industry to Hamada Industry Corporation (present business location)
February 1957 Changed Hamada Industry Corporation to Sankido Company.
Produced new model Baumkuchen machine and made an effort for spreading the confectioneries.
January 1964 Applied patent and utility model for Baumkuchen machine.
May 1967 Registered utility model for Baumkuchen machine.
June 1967 Newly established Pant No.2 in Taito city, Nihon Dutsumi
March 1968 Retail and wholesale of cooking equipments at present place.
April Export business of cooking equipments and kitchen wares with Yamasho , Inc. USA.
November Organization reformed and changed to Sankido Co., Ltd.
December Newly set up Food division. Started export of food materials and processed foods.

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